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How is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

Hello, I’m James and I welcome you to my website “Do It Right Wealth Building”.  I am a member of “Wealthy Affiliate” which is a step by step business model!  How is Wealthy Affiliate worth it!  They give you everything you need to start your business and keep it thriving!  You will have all the training you need at your fingertips!  It’s easy to understand, and you will be well supported by the very concerned owners of Wealthy Affiliate (Kyle and Carson)!  You will also have a treasure trove of other website owners that are willing and eager to help you succeed!  This is a community of experienced website owners making million-dollar incomes as well as newbies and others in various stages of growth!  They teach you and you teach them as you grow!  It’s a wonderful system of giving and taking knowledge!

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What's Wealthy Affiliate?

what is the wealthy affiliate university

Wealthy Affiliate will show you how to supplement your retirement income!  Or, build a new internet business with lasting residual and reoccurring income!  Whatever your online business goals may be they have the expertise to help!  At Wealthy Affiliate you get training to become an online affiliate marketer making passive income!  You will get reassurance from beginners to experts, and they will help you whenever you need it!  You will help others as you grow in rank and this will help you learn even more!  You will find it to be a “home” and a “family” of supportive like-minded people with success as their mind-set!

Free Interactive Online Training


Do It Right Wealth Building is here to take you to free affiliate marketing training!  The training that will give you everything you need and more for your new online business!  You will get your new business starter training–completely free– no catches and no credit card information, and the process is absolutely simplified!  There is video training, classroom training that is completely interactive, courses to take, and tutorial training!

Full Creative Control

Free Affiliate Margeting

Want a niche website?  Or, are you looking to create a website for a local business?  Whatever your reason for joining Wealthy Affiliate you can create your online business!  Have your clients and build websites for them.  Or, build a website to make money with your own niche (passion)!  If you want to go through the Wealthy Affiliate “Bootcamp” before getting completely “Certified” they will be your paying affiliate program until you decide to branch out with your own niche!

It is also important that you understand that the website building process with today’s technology and software has become very simplified!  With the instructions at Wealthy Affiliate you can have your website up and running and ready for content in five minutes!

Daytime Night-time Help Access

There is over one million helpful community members!  Live and interactive help anytime day or night (if you need help at 3 AM it’s there)!  Yes!  Online training courses free!  You will find industry experts and others at various stages including millionaire status members that will help you!  As a free member you have access to two free and beautifully designed websites, and up to fifty websites as a premium member!  These WordPress websites are state of the art with secure and fast hosting, and a strict spam free environment!

It is the goal of Do It Right Wealth Building to help people understand the value of the training at Wealthy Affiliate!  If you become a free member you will have signed up for the best there is, and as a premium member you pay half the price of other training programs that won’t let you try it for free before you buy.

Online Training Courses Free

Free Small Business Training

Free Small Business Training


That’s if you’re lucky, you’ll find one that cost twice as much but most will be three, or even four times as much, but none of them will let you try it for free or have all the bells and whistles of Wealthy Affiliate!  So, how is Wealthy Affiliate worth it?  It is free!  It is small business training, and none of the others come close to the conducive to learning and successful business building training you will get at Wealthy Affiliate!  Try it for free!  You’ve got nothing to lose, and a new successful business to gain!