Become an Affiliate Marketer

Become an Affiliate Marketer

Hello, I’m James and the most common revenue generating method, and probably the most widespread system used on the internet today is affiliate marketing.  It’s a simple process that is often overcomplicated by people.  It permits you to become an affiliate marketer in order to promote online services and/or products for companies who pay you for directing buyers to it.  Every single time you refer a customer to a vendor, and they purchase anything on that vendors website you earn an affiliate commission, and this adds up.

Before becoming successful at implementing the affiliate marketing business model it’s important to understand the process of making money by knowing your role in the process and the numbers of the game.  If you can buy something online, you can most likely promote it through that company’s affiliate program.  There are tens of thousands of affiliate marketing opportunities out there.

Overview and Ranking

  • Name:  Do It Right Wealth Building
  • Owner:  James
  • Training:  4.8 out of 5.0 (Wealthy Affiliate)
  • Support:  5.0 out of 5.0 (Wealthy Affiliate)
  • Website Builder:  4.9 out of 5.0 (Webpress)
  • WordPress Hosting:  4.8 out of 5.0 (Siterubix)
  • Research Tools:  4.6 out of 5.9 (Wealthy Affiliate)
  • Success Stories:  4.5 out of 5.0 (Wealthy Affiliate)
  • Price: $0.00 Starter Membership (Wealthy Affiliate)
  • Ranking of 4.8 out of 5.0

Getting through the Learning Curve


Affiliate marketing is nothing more than promoting a product for a company.  The more you love and/or believe in that product the easier it will be to develop and sustain your affiliate marketing online business.  Love and belief make your learning curve much… much easier to overcome.

The business model takes at least 30 to 60 articles to start making money (about $500.00 a month).  So, you should be writing about 10 articles or more a month to get yourself started.  After about 6 months you should have developed 60 to 100 articles (about $1,000.00-$3,000.00 a month). Then after continuing this growing process over the next 4 to 5 years you will be making about $10,000.00-$50,000.00 a month.  Please understand this is NOT a hyped-up projection of what you could be earning through affiliate marketing, rather it is a very realistic earning projection for an affiliate marketer who has the where-with-all to stick with the process.

Getting Into the Process

This is a process that must be learned.  The proper training is essential.  Fortunately, there is a platform for you to go to for everything you could possibly need.  It’s called “Wealthy Affiliate” and it is free.  That’s right, FREE!  You can pay for it if you want to… but you probably won’t want to until you are at least making more money than what they charge (about $359.00 a year).  The reason people start paying for it is to get access to training modules of more advanced levels.  You see, after making $500.00-$1,000.00 a month some people think to themselves that $359.00 a year is NOT a whole lot to ask for the knowledge of advancement.

With the advanced Wealthy Affiliate training it is not uncommon for affiliate marketers go on to make $50,000.00 a month.  Yes, you could sign up for free and get started and then go to other sources on the internet in order to advance your training.  But be warned reliable sources are hard to find (free or not) and you will need multiple sources for multiple subjects.  As I stated earlier with Wealthy Affiliate training everything you need is on one platform.

Getting Into the Wealthy Affiliate Platform


So, sign up for free and get started on your success and you will receive live help and 1 on 1 couching for the first seven days, also a keyword research tool for the first 30 searches. And for free for life you get two websites and website backups!  For free for life you get a personal affiliate blog, beginner training course, and affiliate bootcamp training (Phase 1)!  For free for life you get video walk-throughs and two training classrooms!  You can “earn while you learn” for free with or without their affiliate program which is also free.

Here's a video to help you understand more about the Wealthy Affiliate.

Sign up for free with your email address and nothing else, no financial information is required for free memberships.  Yes, they will often ask you if you want to upgrade but you will never be required to do so.  Wealthy Affiliate has a 15+ year history of producing successful affiliate marketers.  They have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and they have a community of affiliate marketers that you will be communicating with!  You will often find yourself communicating with affiliate marketing millionaires within this platform!

Getting Traffic Onto Your Website

This earn as you learn training is an easy to follow step by step process that’s very understandable.  Within the first few lessons you’ll be building a website that will be up and running on the internet within 5 minutes.  As you add more and more content that you are trained to produce… “traffic” arrives because of your “search engine optimization” procedure that the content production training implemented.

The traffic that arrives on your website have arrived there because they are already interested in what you’re promoting.  They searched on Google and/or Bing which placed a link to your article on page one because of your search engine optimization training.  Your content production training has made your website interesting and easy to understand and motivated them to click on your affiliate program link. They then bought the product you promoted (or anything else) and you’ve made a commission from everything they bought.

Getting the Money in the Bank

Oh, my goodness, someone went through your website to the vendors website and did not purchase and left the site.  They later changed their mind and went directly back to the vendors site and bought the product.  In this scenario what happened to your commission?  The answer is nothing happened to it and you still got it.  Why? Because the first time they went to the vendor through your website they left a “cookie” that registered them as your referral within the affiliate program system.

Any niche (a distinct segment of a market) that you can think of has a high potential for generating excessive revenue.  There are eight billion people in the world and half of them have high speed internet access.  It’s a fact that within those four billion people is a massive number of enthusiastic followers of the service or product you promote through your website. The right “keywords” placed within your website content for search engine optimization will bring them to your website and ultimately to your affiliate program links destination of your vendors website.  This is how you get money in the bank.

Getting with the Community and Keeping Up with the Times


So, now back to Wealthy Affiliate, the all-in-one BBB A+ rated platform and most respected affiliate marketing training on the internet.  There’s no reason to take my word on that.  Just check it out for free and see for yourself.  No one comes close to matching the value of their community!  This is going to be the most interesting, and most valuable training aspect you’ve ever come across. They’ve been in business since 2005 and helped one and a half million aspiring affiliate marketers find true success in the online affiliate marketing business.

They never stop updating!  They preform 500 or more training update and over 100 system improvements every year.  Their free web hosting and 2 WordPress websites are easy to use and modern as is the free training and resources.  There’s a whole lot of online marketing tools that go along with your website builder such as a keyword tool and advanced search engine abilities.

Getting It - Why Wealthy Affiliate is So Good

Get your free membership and log in and the knowing that you are in the right place will flood your mind.  You will see and feel the productivity: thousands of members motivating each other!  Interacting in real time… encouraging each other to accomplish their earning goals!  Commenting and discussing on a “Facebook like” program designed for discussions, and another for your top-of-the-line training!  It’s a wonderful thing to behold!  Therefore, they don’t mind you building a business for free.  They know the value of the platform and how “worth it” the upgrade to premium is.

The community is growing more and more because of the platform design and technology.  It’s an active, modern, and positive environment like a training environment should be.  It’s a fact that expert affiliate marketers often join just for the ease of this one of a kind platform and up-to-date affiliate marketing system.  If you are new to affiliate marketing, it’ll take a lot of work, but Wealthy Affiliate has created the road map and all you’ve got to do is follow it.

Getting Into Following the Road Map


If you follow that road map it will become obvious that this is very doable!  That road map will inspire you to go after this whole online business adventure seriously.  If you follow that road map Wealthy Affiliate will open a door for you that will change your financial life forever!  As I said earlier Wealthy Affiliate has been around for over 15 years.  This is an insane amount of time for a business like this to last because almost all other platforms of this type become outdated in like 2 or 3 years.

Wealthy Affiliate is the right place to create a successful online affiliate marketing business!  Since 2005 they have experienced exceptional growth because they are the real deal.  Anyone who can read and follow very simple and easy to understand directions can succeed within the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Become an Affiliate Marketer – The “Do It Right Wealthy Affiliate” Final Word!

Just spend a little time on the Wealthy Affiliate platform (it’s free) and doubts will vanish!  This is your place to become an affiliate marketer.  These are the tools you need… these people are your like-minded family of affiliate marketers in all stages of growth.  And like the plants in spring you will be headed toward the light, the light of financial freedom, and personal growth!

Wealthy Affiliate is a proud community of affiliate marketers working toward their goals and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  It is a platform that was created by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers of ALL stages.  From newbie to expert, anyone who wants to make money online can accomplish their goals on this platform.  There are very successful affiliate marketers who will help you.  People who may be just slightly ahead of you will help and you will learn to help those who come after you.  It’s a community of people helping people!  A platform with the best training videos, classrooms, tools, website builder system, and anything else you can think of to go from zero to hero affiliate marketer.

Success as a affiliate marketer is yours if you’re serious about your commitment to this platform!  This earn as you learn platform is successful because it really does lead people on a path to successful affiliate marketing!  Wealthy Affiliate is in the business of helping people create their own money-making websites in over 190 countries.  They have one million plus members, and over ten thousand new businesses are built monthly.

Here are some links for you to use for more information: Wikipedia for research purposesA blog entry of mine on the Wealthy AffiliateHer Platform.

Simply ask!  If you need a hand with anything that I have discussed please leave a comment below and I will help as-soon-as-possible!  Thank you!

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