Best Online Affiliate Marketing Courses

Best Online Affiliate Marketing Courses

Hello, I’m James and let’s talk about the power and benefits of having a website!  All the online businesses that are successful have a website.  This is how traffic is created, relationships are built, and revenue is generated.  Because of your website, a brand and a following are created.

I have spent 8+ hours a day for a month doing exhaustive research into the “best online affiliate marketing courses”.  What I found was that “Wealthy Affiliate University” is the best on the internet, period.  Nothing else comes close whether it’s price wise or quality wise!  People are excited to have found this training.  It’s a legitimate way to learn affiliate marketing online and start a new business with a step-by-step business model that really does work.

It is an advanced platform that is known as the best in the world in the building of profit-ready websites.  It’s important to have access to an advanced platform that provides progressive security and technology when looking to build your online business.  This is what you’ll find with the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

You’ll get a back office that’s taking website making, structuring, and organizing progressions to the next level.  Wealthy Affiliate has WordPress based sites which is the top website platform in the world!  These websites have enhanced speed, security, and are protected from spam and hackers!  They are ready to build a business in any vocation!

Wealthy Affiliate Overview and Ranking

  • Name:  Do It Right Wealth Building
  • Owner:  James
  • Training:  4.8 out of 5.0 (Wealthy Affiliate)
  • Support:  5.0 out of 5.0 (Wealthy Affiliate)
  • Website Builder:  4.9 out of 5.0 (Webpress)
  • WordPress Hosting:  4.8 out of 5.0 (Siterubix)
  • Research Tools:  4.6 out of 5.9 (Wealthy Affiliate)
  • Success Stories:  4.5 out of 5.0 (Wealthy Affiliate)
  • Price: $0.00 Starter Membership (Wealthy Affiliate)
  • Ranking of 4.8 out of 5.0

Decide On A Niche You Love



They are hosted on which is an award-winning state of the art platform that is known for its speed.  They come pre-installed with the latest feature enhancements and there are over 4,100 beautiful designs to choose from.  So, what else could you possibly need?  Well, the truth is you will need ideas for your business, you know, the overall topic, which is also known as your niche.

A good way of deciding what your niche should be is to ask yourself “Who do I want to help?”.  If you answer that question you have begun to identify your niche and a target audience.  The most important thing is to begin the process because your first niche can be anything and it probably will not be your last.  There are literally millions of niches and target audiences.  So, like Thomas Edison inventing the light bulb it’s probably going to take a few tries.

Just remember there is no right or wrong.  If the niche, you decided upon is not working for you it’s because it’s not the right niche for you.  Let’s say you did a little bit of research and found that dog training was a very profitable niche and so that’s the one you started working on.  Well, if you know not how to train dogs and have no desire to train dogs you will not have the passion you will need to sustain your business.  It just will not work.

If you start a niche that you have passion for you may have to change it to something more precise, but you won’t have to start over from scratch.  Like you would if you went from dog training to electronic devices.  If you had begun with electronic devices and then developed a niche in the “electronic devices for the home” market, then the website restructuring would not be all that dramatic or time consuming.  So, what I’m saying is to find your passion and begin your website and dig deeper into your niche as you go.  This is called building your foundation.

Wealthy Affiliate University is the Most Trusted Platform on the Internet!


There are three or four billion people online.  So, even the tiniest of niches can fuel a large target audience for your website and become a lucrative business for you!  Any niche can generate revenue, and if you dig even deeper into your vast and wide target audience universe the revenue you can generate is seemingly endless!

So, you don’t need to choose a broad niche like “electronics” or “health” or “exercise” in order to establish a successful online business.  There’s many, many more targeted audiences within these niches that will dramatically reduce your competition.  Wealthy Affiliate will teach you various techniques to dig deep into them to find the “targeted niches” within them.

Affiliate Marketing Sites!

There’s nothing worse than signing up for a program just to be surprised about a bunch of extra charges for this and that, and the other thing.  Wealthy Affiliate will be free to get started and “test drive” for as long as you like.  If you decide to “upgrade” it will be an all-inclusive membership which contains everything and anything you could possibly need to establish and run a successful online business,  even a million dollar per year one as some Wealthy Affiliate members have established.

Wealthy Affiliate is the most reasonably priced and the most up to date learn as you earn affiliate marketing training on the internet.  If you try it for free, you’ll see this is true beyond a shadow of a doubt.  Also, there will NEVER be a penalty for canceling and your free websites and membership will always be available to you.

As a Wealthy Affiliate member, you have all the help and support you could possibly want or need.  This includes live chat with one and a half million members 24/7/365!  With this platform you can ask for help within the comments, create blogs and discussions, and if you want to you can contact members through their personal profiles and private messaging.  The free membership will give you a taste of this for the first 7 days.

Wealthy Affiliate University and What You'll Get

The free membership is there once you sign up for it.  It will never go away, but what you get with the “premium service” is a certain level of support including 1-on-1 mentoring and this alone makes the upgrade worth the price.  That’s right 1-on-1 support!

So, what else a comes with Premium?  Well, there’s personal support directly from the owners, Kyle and Carson.  Live video training with Q&A every Friday that teach you how to strategize and grow a successful business.  These videos are always available for replays.  Speaking of videos, you’ll get instant access to 100+ hours of extra video training classes that you can use to become an expert affiliate marketer!

You get access to 500,000+ discussions within the famous Wealthy Affiliate forum.  Including discussions with expert affiliate marketers that are only available to Premium members.  You’ll get unlimited keyword research and discover all the keywords you’ll need to take on any niche.

When you join Premium, you can host domains.  Having your own domain is like owning online real estate.  Also, you’ll have 12 classrooms to expand your knowledge.  These classrooms teach things like search engine optimization, content marketing, price per click marketing, Video marketing, and more!  Each classroom has over 100 training modules and full discussion boards.  When you need it, the help will be abundant from this outstanding online community.

If you have a desire to become a successful affiliate marketer then Wealthy Affiliate is the right platform for achieving that goal.  It’s a personal investment in your own personal success.  To join the platform with commitment is to put yourself in a position to be destined for greater success.  And to give yourself access to everything needed to achieve that success.

Wealthy Affiliate is a Community and a Customer Driven Business

The owners of Wealthy Affiliate (Kyle and Carson) went to college together and in 2002 separately started lucrative affiliate marketing businesses.  Then in 2005 they realized that aspiring affiliate marketers needed help to build their own successful businesses.  They started helping others with a monthly keyword list and by 2009 grew into the most successful training platform on the internet.

They understood from their own success the huge potential of the affiliate marketing business.  They also realized that nobody was offering proper training on how to build such a business.  And with that they became the most trusted and respected affiliate marketing training platform and community in the world.  They are now a comprehensive training platform with over 30 full-time computer scientists and senior server architects developing the technology behind it.

Wealthy Affiliate is a community and a customer driven business.  It is an established confirmed business model that is proven to work on any niche within the affiliate marketing establishment.  As for the owners, if you sign up, they will NOT be strangers.  All the other platforms will tell you what you want to hear and then hide behind the veil of the internet after you sign up with a promise to pay your monthly fees.

But at Wealthy Affiliate you sign up for free with no credit card information and no obligation.  You will not have to upgrade to keep your free membership and your two free websites.  And the owners are readily available within the platform whenever requested.  These are just a few of the reasons they have an A+ rating from the better business bureau.

They are different, they care about you, and they built this training for you who aspire to be successful affiliate marketers.  They will continue to be the most trustworthy, transparent, and respected affiliate marketing platform in the industry.  They have nothing to hide and share everything.

Best Online Affiliate Marketing Courses – The “Do It Right Wealth Building” Final Word!

The Wealthy Affiliate University can and will lead you to success within the affiliate marketing business establishment.  It’s the #1 of the “best online affiliate marketing courses” on the internet!  Not only is it the best in the world, but it’s also a proven business model that works.  Too many people let themselves get frustrated in the early stages of building their business because they don’t have the right resources, and therefore cannot focus on their “vision”.  But the early stages should be the exciting time because your new website is a blank slate and it can become anything you want it to be.  With the right resources you can focus on your “vision” and not have to worry as much about the technical side of things.

Your website is a work of art waiting to be created!  It is going to become a masterpiece that will drive revenue and success for many years to come!  It is a chance to help people in a legitimate way with a product or service that you believe in!  And fortunately for you the process of building that website is much smoother than it’s ever been.  This is due to technological advances of this day and age that have been implemented within the platform of Wealthy Affiliate University.

The free training is great but as a premium member you get the keys to unlock the door to your success.  By giving a free membership a try it will become plain to see that with access to the entire system success is at your fingertips.  Having the ability to connect with experts in the industry makes the difference between success and failure.  You will be able to connect with experienced successful affiliate marketers and get direct and helpful answers as problems arise.

As a Premium member you get personal and private expert assistance.  Whether that means within the community comments platform or through the private messaging system.  You will be able to contact millionaire entrepreneurs that will help you based on their experiences.  You will NOT find this anywhere else.

To be successful online you’ll need high-quality hosting and high-quality websites.  The Wealthy Affiliate platform will give you the ability to install up to 50 websites with loads of bandwidth, web space, and 24/7/365 premium website support and monitoring.  These websites have over 1,400 different templates and 10,000+ one click installs of plugins.  These are the things you will need to build and grow your successful online business.

Wealthy Affiliate is an “earn as you learn” platform, and you can start earning your money “as-soon-as-possible”!  The lessons are a step-by-step process that introduces you to an affiliate marketing “business model” that is proven in time!  It has worked in the affiliate marketing business world for years (since 2005)!  It’s basically a combined into one version business model of the two business models created by Kyle and Carson independently.

This new and improved two-in-one business model has given countless aspiring newbies everything needed to elevate themselves to expert millionaire status!  This is a fact!  The Wealthy Affiliate learn as you earn platform has the highest rate of success in producing millionaires.  This is because of its combination of an all-in-one training platform, community help messaging software, and the personal messaging contact system which gives access to the creators of the business model process (the owners: Kyle and Carson).  The Wealthy Affiliate University is “simply the best, better than all the rest”!

Here are some links for you to use for more information: Wikipedia for research purposesA blog entry of mine on the Wealthy AffiliateHer Platform.

Simply ask!  If you need a hand with anything that I have discussed please leave a comment below and I will help as-soon-as-possible!  Thank you!

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