Target Market Examples

Target Market Examples

Hello, I’m James and if you fail to identify your target market, then your marketing will not work. Your reviews, your website, your social media, nothing will work if you haven’t identified your target audience properly. You do not want this to happen.  You will fail without a proper target audience.  So, this post is all about target market examples for you to take under consideration.

Consider every person on this planet that wants to make more money than what they make or is looking to buy something they need and/or want, and you just considered almost all people everywhere.  So, that’s about 7 or 8 billion people.  Half of them (3 or 4 billion) have access to high speed internet and that means each one is a potential target for your business.

This means your target market is to be found within that 3 to 4 billion people.  And within 3 to 4 billion potential customers you will find one enormous target audience for anything you could think of to make into your niche!  You will need to know how to identify your target market and turn them into traffic on your website.  Therefore, what you need is examples of real-life target audiences.  So, how do you identify your Ideal target market?  This is the question I’m going to answer.

Overview and Ranking

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Identify, Isolate, and Attract

You will need to clearly identify, isolate, and attract your target audience.  Find them where they are and then attract them to your website. To do this you’ll need to have plans and receive the proper guidance, the right niche, and keyword strategies.  So, the first step is to profile your target audience.  This is where you make a list of the attributes you want your perfect customer to have.  It doesn’t matter where you get the traits of your fantasy audience, they could be characteristics of people in your life, attributes you’ve perceived in others you may not know all that well, or even traits you wish you had.  Just make sure that everything on your list reflects your ideal customer.

Your Fictional Audience

These fictional customers will be the kind of customers that love you and you love as well.  The kind you want more of.  Your dealings with them is smooth sailing all the way.  Once you have this idea of the perfect target audience in mind you can start creating your content to attract these very real people to your site!  This is not to say that every customer is going to be a nirvanic experience but attracting the right customers is going to add up to more profit, more growth, and less headache!

Think about everything; occupation, hobbies, age, or whatever you can think of to isolate them.  Where do they live?  What do they think about; what are their interests?  What do they believe in religiously?  What are their politics?  What are their wants and desires?  What are they afraid of?  Anything that will help you build your content to keep them reading when they come upon one of your reviews.

Talk To The Right People



You want your customers to receive personal fulfillment in dealing with you.  You want to receive personal fulfillment from your customers. You want to serve your customers with something that’s of value to them.  If you make your marketing about financial services and don’t have the proper marketing strategies, chances are 90% of those who find it will not want what your promoting.  The other 10% are not going to relate to your content.  This is the way of life, if you don’t talk to the right people, you’ll never get what you want.

Your customers should be in the position to buy what your promoting.  If you’re promoting something that’s not a necessity, then chances are low income audiences are not your target market.  On the other hand, if you’re promoting something that’s helpful to low income minimum wage earners (like an affiliate marketing training platform) then they are your target market.  The formula here is: “find a need and fill it” or “find a desire and display it” in a voice that speaks to its audience.

You want your customers to receive personal fulfillment in dealing with you.

You want to receive personal fulfillment from your customers.

In Search of Your Subset

So, you’re trying to figure out which subset of the market is in search of what you’re promoting.  People who purchased through your promotions before.  People who bought a similar product somewhere else.  People who often buy the type of product you’re promoting.  You are also interested in how much they spend, this is a monetary question, are they willing to spend their money freely to get your promoted product.  This is obviously the type of customers you want to target!

With what I’ve just given you to go on and the right keywords you could create a successful business and be generating a passive income in no time.  You remember the list that reflects your perfect customer?  Now you can refine them into keywords (which are really phrases).  You refine them and get other keywords by using google and type them into its search engine.  Keywords are phrases like “low salary employees” or “baby boomers about to retire” and as you type them in google other phrases will pop up below where you’re typing.  The ones that come up closest to where you’re typing as you type are most likely very usable keywords and therefore good for your target market.  These are your keywords to strategically place within your content.

The Wealthy Affiliate and Jaxxy

There are other ways to find the best keywords for your target market.  For instance, the free affiliate marketing training platform I use which is called “Wealthy Affiliate” gives its members “Jaxxy” which is the only keyword research platform developed by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers.  It’s important to have a keyword apparatus that will give you correct traffic, and domain insights into billions of keywords.  It’s important to have a tool like this so you can quickly discover untouched keywords to drive your search engine results to new heights.

But fortunately, as I said, there’s a free platform to join (no credit card information required) that will give you everything you could possibly need to start your own affiliate marketing business online!  There’s an upgrade available of course, but if you think you don’t need it, you are sill a member for life with a fully functioning affiliate marketing business website!  Look at the chart below to see for yourself!

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The Community

They have the tools and the easy to understand step by step training!  But the most talked about and praised feature of the platform is the community!  This platform has 1.5 million members, and it is configured in a way that other members help their own ranking by helping other members!  That’s right, members are encouraged to help each other and rewarded for doing so!  You will find highly successful affiliate marketers who are eager to help you become successful!  Now, I ask you, what could be a better platform for successful affiliate marketing than that!  Compare Wealthy Affiliate to other platforms and you will see that no other platform is equal to ALL the amenities of Wealthy Affiliate!  Just look at the comparison below to see for yourself!

  • Wealthy Affiliate / FREE Starter program (no credit card info) – Others / NOT AVAILABLE
  • Wealthy Affiliate / $49 per month – Others / Anywhere from $90 to $299 per month
  • Wealthy Affiliate / Up to 50 websites included – Others / 15 to 25 websites
  • Wealthy Affiliate / Instant DNS setup included – Others / Do not include DNS setup
  • Wealthy Affiliate / 30GB of website space – Others / 20 to 30GB of website space
  • Wealthy Affiliate / Bandwidth (500K visitors per month) included – Others / Bandwidth (100 to 400K visitors per month)
  • Wealthy Affiliate / SSL certificates included – Others / Very few include SSL certificate
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  • Wealthy Affiliate / Enterprise Security included – Others / Very few include Enterprise Security
  • Wealthy Affiliate / Daily website backup included – Others / Also include daily website backup
  • Wealthy Affiliate / Unlimited email accounts included – Others / Do not include unlimited emails
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Target Market Examples – The “Do It Right Wealth Building” Final Word!

One of the most important components of an affiliate marketing business is developing and implementing your target marketing examples.  As I have said you will fail without a proper target audience. However, you should not despair because somewhere within the 3 to 4 billion people who have internet access there is a huge audience to tap into.  All you need to do is identify them and drive them to your promotions.  We affiliate marketers do this by isolating and attracting them with the right keywords.

The “perfect” audience comes from your determination of what that looks like.  Only you can attract your proper audience with the right niche that’s going to motivate you because of your affinity for it.  Only you can determine the right keywords for the audience you want.  Others can help, such as the large community you get with your Wealthy Affiliate free membership but in the end your business is your baby!

Wealthy Affiliate has 1.5 million members who are ready, willing, and able to help you with everything involved in your business building journey.  They are all levels of experience, form newbie to expert.  If you were to join Wealthy Affiliate it will become commonplace for you to receive help from members who have reached millionaire status.

Identifying, isolating, and attracting your proper target market is very important but there is much more to affiliate marketing.  Wealthy Affiliate has everything you need on one platform to become a successful affiliate marketer.  They have the training, the classrooms, the videos, the websites, the hosting for the websites, and anything else you could possible need including some of the best mentors in the world through its gigantic community!

Wealthy Affiliate is the most economical affiliate marketing training on the internet.  It is free with the ability to monetize almost immediately; an upgrade is available but upgrading is NOT a requirement.  It is also hailed as the best training on the internet!  They have been in business for 15+ years and have produced many successful affiliate marketers.  Also, affiliate marketers who already had profitable businesses have switched to their platform for convenience, expand their horizons, and/or both!

Here are some links for you to use for more information: Wikipedia for research purposesA blog entry of mine on the Wealthy AffiliateHer Platform.

Simply ask!  If you need a hand with anything that I have discussed please leave a comment below and I will help as-soon-as-possible!  Thank you!

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